Astuces Gmail


Tutoriels Gmail (en anglais)
Sort messages using keywords  Sort Gmail messages by sender, recipient, date, subject, and more.
Glisser déposer les libellés et les messages  Quickly add labels to messages, or move messages to labels, just by dragging.
Utiliser les raccourcis clavier  Zip around your Inbox reading and replying to messages without using the mouse!
Créer des libellés imbriqués  Miss your nested folders? Learn how to recreate nested labels with this handy Gmail lab.
Work with conversations: Part 1  Learn how to work with conversations and individual messages within a conversation.
Drag and drop attachments  Using Chrome? Drag and drop attachments directly to your messages, instead of having to upload them.

Work with conversations: Part 2  Learn how conversations display in your Inbox and how to mute them.

Drag images into messages  Drag images from your desktop directly to your message (requires Chrome browser).
Work with conversations: Part 3  Learn how to work with conversations and individual messages within a conversation.
Use Quick Links to save searches  Save searches you perform regularly and then run whenever you need them.

Enable tabbed browsing  Learn how to enable tabbed browsing to declutter your desktop.
Use Gmail Tasks  Use Gmail Tasks to help you track your daily tasks.

Create strong passwords  Create strong passwords to use with Google Notifier, Google Talk and your mobile devices.
Enhance your Gmail signature  Enhance your Gmail signature with the new Rich Text Signature feature!

Créer des filtres  Create simple filters to automate repetitive steps.
Increase your productivity with Priority Inbox  Decrease the time you spend in your Inbox and increase productivity using Priority Inbox!

Create a filter to mark BCC messages  Create a filter to mark messages on which you've been blind-copied.
Unthread your conversations  It's easy to view your conversations as individual messages in your Inbox.
Create filter and canned responses to mark priority messages  Use canned responses and a filter to automatically mark priority messages.
Archiver vos vieux courriels  Increase your productivity and reduce Inbox bloat by archiving old messages.

Compose messages in a new browser window  Use this shortcut to view your Inbox while still composing or responding to a message in a new browser window.